Viveka Foundations is a Co- Educational English Medium Sr. Sec., Day cum Day boarding and Residential School Affiliated to CBSE Vide Code No. 630139. It was founded in 2007 by visionaries Col. (RETD) S.S. RANA and his wife Mrs. KUSUM RANA an eminent educationist. Both have been nurturing a dream of a School with stress free environment where kids will just be kids and not rote machines, where creativity is nurtured and not killed. No boundaries for learning and trying new ideas and kids breathe in a free flowing, energized environment.
It was destined to be superlative, since profit was never a motive but passion was!!!
It is run under the aegis of Viveka Foundations Educational Society and Managed by Personnel with Army and purely an Educational Background.

Our Vision

We want to catch them young and then ignite their minds and fuel them with education for a lifetime. Who are they? They are your children, our students and the future citizens of a bright INDIA. Our Vision is to groom them in to responsible and cultured CITIZENS OF OUR NATION with a broad outlook and a strong foundation of human values. We are not looking at education alone but character building and overall development that will see them through life as independent and focused human beings. We believe that every child is born unique with unique talent and remarkable innate abilities and that every existence has a purpose. It is these hidden but unique qualities that we intend to unearth by providing them with a meaningful environment. Our vision is to enable every child to develop into a self confident individual and lead a life that has dignity and meaning in it. And this life, they shall create out of their own talent, abilities and values. It is our mission to raise them into successful, dignified Indians with a sense of responsibility towards their nation. It is our Quest to share this Vision with every living soul associated to us until every mind will resonate this exclusive purpose.
Why this name – Viveka Foundations?
The underlying principles of functioning of this institution will be based on Swami Vivekananda’s teaching and philosophy. “Viveka” of course has been borrowed from his name, but also because “Viveka” means “discernment”, the further tune of thought and experience that leads to “wisdom” which is beyond information and knowledge. “Foundations ” literally means “fundamentals” or “base” or “details” and that is exactly what we are aiming at – strengthening the fundamentals of every child and paying attention to details of grooming. Hence, the name Viveka Foundations.

Our Crest

Our Crest/Emblem is an explicit depiction of our Vision. The “Star” at the pinnacle is the Guiding Star that shall always remind us of our objective and shine bright showing us our way in the dark. The “Globe” surrounded by green represents our broad and universal outlook and an unquenchable thirst for growth. The “Cog” in the middle is to remind our students that even the smallest gear in a large machinery or mechanism is important for its smooth functioning. Similarly, every individual citizen is like a cog or a component in this large and unique machinery called INDIA. Hence, it is the duty of all INDIANS no matter where they are placed, to perform their duties with dignity, devotion and perfection to take our nation to great heights. It also represents progress. The “Diya” is the light and flame that shall kindle every heart and ignite every soul with a purpose much greater than the self.
The “Book” shall yield knowledge and understanding. The “Parchment” has the words “Yogya, Tapas, Suhrid” inscribed on it. These words have been borrowed from the BHAGAVAD GITA . It means that self-less work with devotion is the consummation of all disciplines. Simply put, every effort by everybody at Viveka Foundations will be an act of devotion and dedication done selflessly. Our six “Pillars” are the pillars of strength and virtue. Each virtue is represented by each letter of the word VIVEKA.
V – VALOUR (strength of mind and spirit that enables a person to encounter danger)
I - INTELLECT (the capacity for knowledge)
V- VIGOUR (energy, drive and enthusiasm)
E-ENDURANCE (ability to withstand hardship and adversity both mental and physical)
K-KINSHIP(asense of belonging, camaraderie)
A-AUSTERITY(simplicity and serenity)

Our Mission

The mission is to provide top quality affordable education to the students of varying backgrounds. It has students of various parts of HP State and other states of the country. Mission- We believe with our heart and soul content in the sayings of Swami Vivekanand that - “Education is the Manifestation of Perfection already in Man”.
To achieve this goal our dedicated Teachers have been trained to mentor and bring out the best in each child.
Our vision is to groom our students into Responsible and well informed citizens of India.

Why Choose Us?

The School provides education and training that integrates foundational knowledge, evidence-based practical skills. This learning experience will allow you to adapt to changes throughout your career.
We at VF’s believe in merging the modern infrastructure of education with the curriculum and modern day teaching Methodology where the students obtain knowledge that last for life long. VFS follows a good mix of sports, academics and co-curricular activities to ensure all round personality development of students.
Students will not only excel in academics but also be exposed to well-balanced co-curricular activities to nurture them into all rounded youngsters at this co-educational boarding school in Palampur.
VFS School is the best co-educational boarding school in Palampur . The lush green campus boasts of a clean, earthy ambience. The school building is a stunning piece of modern architecture. The teacher student ratio of 1:25 is very favorable for the learner who can gain a lot more than just knowledge from our highly interactive classes.
Technology inspired changes and the vanishing barriers of commerce and communication have sprouted into new opportunities in the work place. Work places and transaction processes have been revolutionized. In this new paradigm, the profile of winners and leaders is changing rapidly. VFS trains your child to be that winner and leader.
The desire to succeed and lead in the intensely competitive and technology driven global society is what guides the vision, mission, design and functioning at VFS.


Art & Craft Club

Art & Craft Club is a fun way for students to learn about making household objects into works of art.

Eco Club

Eco club is aimed to mobilize its members to the protection of ecology or environment. Eco club in

Science Club

The seed of the programme of Children Science Congress, in the way of an exercise to carry out small



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