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First -Ever Batch of X - Class Alumni


( Session 2018-19 )
3D Artist


“Time flies like an arrow.”
I was a part of Viveka Foundations School from 2009 to 2018, 9 long years. In this span of time, I gained a lot of experience.

My school days are unforgettable; those days were the happiest and fruitful days of my life. I am glad that I cherished every moment of my school. I feel proud to be a Vivekian. I got infinite love and lessons from my teachers. They helped me pave a way to success.

“There is no success without a loss.”
In order to achieve something, one has to lose many things. I have lost a great wealth of my parents on completing this stage of my education. I also lost such a lovely, soothing and loving company of my dear teachers, who are a constant source of spiritual inspiration and encouragement for me.

I would love to express my thankfulness and pay my gratitude to Founder Principal ma’am, Colonel sir and all the teachers. I consider myself lucky to be a part of Viveka Foundations School. I have had the best years of my life here, my school taught me everything.

Experience should be valued, It is neither good Nor bad Just a learning process.

“The foundation for future prosperity is build on the bedrock of a great school”

Viveka Foundations as the name suggests; this school builds an underlying basis and principles of “SWAMI VIVEKANANDA” in each individual. “The school with vision and a board of wisdom”. The motto of this school aptly reflects the work of it. It strives toward excellence and knowledge. I have experienced an immense difference in myself over three years in this school. This school coerced me to push my limits. Honestly, from being a comfortable audience; I saw myself being a confident participant. The opportunities provided to develop yourself in this school are enormous. This school coerced me to push my limits. Honestly, from being a comfortable audience; I saw myself being a confident participant. The opportunities provided to develop yourself in this school are enormous. The passionate principal Mrs Kusum Rana and her hard-working staff leave no stone unturned. They all are supportive, encouraging and understanding. This school pushes the students out of their comfort zones and persuades them to succeed in every sphere, be it studies or sports. Viveka Foundations has made me a completely different person. It helped me clear my vision for the future and gave me a wide and diverse perspective about life. This school helped me in ways my previous six schools could not. Today, I am proud to be a vivekian.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” - B.F Skinner

Quoting the most prominent psychologist and behaviourist, I want to draw your attention to the most happening and knowledgeable social institution; Education. When people think of education, they tend to think of facts and figures learned in school. As many educators might suggest, however, it is often the method, principles and inquiry process that lie behind knowledge that matter. As B.F Skinner says, the sum of our cognition goes far beyond simple textbook learning. While the information learnt in class might not be retained in long term memory after taking an exam, the critical thinking skills acquired while pursuing education will last a lifetime.
Recalling my time in school, I remember the day when I had to choose a stream after 10th grade. My parents persuaded me to opt for non-medical and I was ready to take it. I knew I wanted to pursue civil services later, even an engineer or a doctor could become one. The ongoing parental pressure and society’s hierarchy on streams felt like a burden. I was convinced to finish my 11th and 12th as a non-medical student. Something within me did not settle, I grew anxious as day to choose a stream drew closer. Before the day of choosing, a carrier counselling session was conducted by the Principal and school coordinators which turned out Humanities was an appropriate stream for my purpose. I put in all my force to convince my parents for my decision and they were supportive. The subjects were interesting. I always found the concept of behaviour and the human mind interesting. I wanted to find an answer to my action and thinking I wanted to find retort for people’s behaviour and thinking. In this fast-paced world with news of the increasing number of suicides, depression and genocide; I wanted to know the reason for these miseries.
I completed my 12th, planned on pursuing psychology as my major. I looked up for colleges best for psychology. I saw colleges of Delhi University, colleges of Pune, Mumbai, and then found Christ University, Bangalore. Christ University offered an opportunity to major in 3 subjects. I opted for psychology, sociology and English. In my interview for Christ university, they asked me “Why did you choose these subjects and How will they help you later?” The thought when I was choosing the subject for my 11th and 12th grade clicked me there. I replied, “ Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. Sociology is the study of society. English is a medium of communication and analysing a concept. The world is a collection of society and cultures (Sociology will help to understand them )and society is a collection of individual, to understand an individual you need to understand psychology and to understand, analyse it well you need English. In this fast-paced world with news of the increasing number of suicides, depression and genocide; I want to find answers for these miseries and do everything. I could make it a better place.” So maybe this landed me in Christ University, Bangalore pursuing B.A triple major in psychology, sociology and English.
People frowned when I choose humanities as my stream and they frowned again. When I choose B.A over B.A (Hons.) ditching DU. I learned you can never please anyone other than yourself. Yes, We are the product of society but we are not the puppets of it. Be courageous enough to sale through opposing winds and storm, you are stronger than you think. Enjoy what you do, learn and aspire. “Life is a process, not a state of being. it is a direction, not a destination.”
All the Best !!!


Perusing Honours In Psychology
Christ University Bangalore


( Session 2017-18 )

I am Harsh Rana passed out 12th from Viveka Foundations. I started my studies in this school from 2013 in class 8th. I had been here for five years. And the experience of these five years was exceptional. The teachers’ staff in this school is very cooperative and excellent. Lots of things I have learnt from this school. After passing 12th, I appeared for the JEE/MAIN in the first trial but did not perform well. Then again I started preparation, worked hard and scored 92 % marks in JEE/MAIN and Now I got admission in AIT Pune. I want to thank our respected Principal Mam and teachers who supported me, trained me to achieve success.

Thanking You !

Viveka Foundations “A School with a Vision” is not a school for me; it’s an emotion. It provides value-based education that goes much beyond academics. I came here in Eleventh class, but I wish I would have come here earlier so that I can get more. This school helped me to gain confidence, boldness and last, but not the least, a good personality. Now, I am studying in Dr DY Patil University, Pune (the top-most university in India).
It is all because of this school which made me capable to grab all this success. I will always be very thankful to this school foe teaching me a different way to see the world. Being a boarder I learnt so many things and all thanks to our respected Principal ma’am, Mrs. Kusum Rana and Chairman of Viveka Foundations, Retired Col. SS Rana. A special thanks for Mrs. Ritika Sharma, Mrs. Ruchika Gupta, Mrs. Sophie Gupta and Mrs. Rimpal ma’am and Mr. Rajeev, who made me.


( Session 2017-18 )


( Session 2019-20 )

" If you have passion and determination to work hard, then Nothing on this planet can stop you from achieving anything in life."

Viveka foundations, the school with a vision provides an excellent platform for creative minds. The School has given me precious memories that are truly priceless. I still remember my first day at school: little did we know that those were the best days of my lives.
The knowledge that teachers imparted to us is one of the most valuable things in our lives, which will be our weapon for the life ahead.
I am sure the values of our school have filled us with so much confidence that we can readily take on any challenge. We can walk into a new college courageously with our head raised high.

And honestly, I feel proud to be a vivekian.

I was a student of 2017 batch of viveka foundations. I was studying from class 5 at Viveka Foundations. I had many experiences during my school life and all of them gave me different lessons throughout my life. At school I never felt that I'm in school it was like homely environment throughout my journey. I’m thankful to everyone especially our Founder Principal mam, who showed me right path thought our schooling.


( Session 2016-17 )


( Session 2019-20 )
Head Boy

“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today".

A school is not just a building made of cement and bricks but is actually the place where children grow into mature individuals. A school is a home away from home where we discover ourselves and are guided onto the right path. Joining VIVEKA FOUNDATIONS in year 2015 has indeed impacted my life in a positive manner. A school does not just give you knowledge, but educates you on the wisdom to apply the knowledge appropriately. Our school environment and infrastructure helps in boosting students confidence to making them learn the importance of team work and socialisation . Away from home, schools become the place for children to spend their maximum time. My school has helped me realise what I am passionate about and my teachers have always given me excellent advice. My teachers are very supportive and encouraging. They always motivate me to give my best. The best part of this school is that it values the opinion of each and every student. Our benefit is given utmost priority.
The school also has a perfect mix of scholastic and co-scholastic activities which further enhances the all-round personality development of children. I discovered my love for speaking by participating in all the wonderful debates, elocutions and speeches organised and in the year 2019 I was awarded with The Best Orator of the year. Principal Ma'am and Col.Sir provided a great platform for students to show their talent. Our Founder Principal Ma'am believes in discipline. She gives great importance to good manners and character. She is a motivation for everyone.
Today I feel a great sense of pride when I say I am the Ex - Head Boy of Viveka Foundations School as it has molded me into a better person. It helps me in inculcating Time-management and very good organisational skills Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to staff and students and sense of responsibility. I am fortunate to be a part of this school.

I did my schooling from VIVEKA FOUNDATIONS, school with a vision from 2008-2017. As the name justifies this school is based on the teachings of Swami Vivekananda , which makes it distinct from other teaching institutions and it really got a vision to outstand their students where ever they goes. Not only education but also they focused on co-curricular activities and personality enhancement which made me capable of doing and performing each and every activity making me multi-talented n multitasking. I had always been an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school just because it exhibit a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. Our mistakes were always expected, inspected and respected which is one of the most outstanding feature.
I am fortunate enough to get a chance to be a part of VIVEKA FOUNDATIONS FAMILY and call myself a Vivekian. Today I reached a point where I aimed to be, I want to give all the credit to our Founder Principal mam and all my teachers. Thank you so much!!


( Session 2016-17 )
Head Girl


( Session 2019-20 )
School Administrator

I have been in and out of several schools in different cities, and even states but I admit that being a student in Viveka Foundations has taught me many direct and indirect lessons that I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else.
It showed me how individual attention of teachers and the Principal can completely transform a student’s academic as well as personal life. During the 2 years of me being in VFS, Mrs. Kusum Rana was the principal and I will assert this forever that I owe a large chunk of my academic success to her constant guidance that she delivered to me in her office every other day. The way she persistently motivated me through her words of wisdom and undying love like that between a mother and daughter is something I will continue to reminisce.
Thankfully, I had a loving and friendly relationship with all my teachers and I would always play around with them. From fulfilling my duties as the Head Girl to discussing random things in the hallways and library with my teachers, I am grateful for each and everything. It never fails to bring a wide smile to my face whenever I think about the delightful times with my favourite mentors - Mrs. Mousami Thapa and Mrs. Ruchika.
Also, a special thanks to the numerous extra-curricular activities that are organized in VFS, that I loved participating and winning in. It is a wonderful confidence boost!
These are the memories of a lifetime that my stay in VFS has given to me and the tales of which I will tell throughout my life.

Respected Madam and Principal and dear Teachers!!
It has been rightly said that the school place and inevitable role in the overall growth of child. Remembering those groovy days in this institution I would like to thank each and every person who is associated with this great temple of learning. Apart from academics, the school played an important role instilling good values and principles within me and making me a self-reliable person who would face all obstacles without any kind of fear.
I would not be where I am today without your support and understanding. Madam Principal! I still remember the words of wisdom that you told me once “Keep moving forward just like an elephant does and don’t think about what people think.” Your support has brightened my professional career and your generosity will forever will remain in my heart and how can I forget a so called ’motivational warnings’ from Respected Col. Sir who always used to guide me towards my life goals.
I also express my gratitude towards my beloved teachers who always instilled a ray of hope within me whenever I felt of quitting. Dear Sofia Ma’am! Thank you for always supporting me and yes! The way you taught us and explained each and every concept was very wonderful. And dear Ritika Ma’am! I can never forget the way you used to motivate us and the way you used to calm us from the fear of PHYSICS. And our favourite Sanjeev Sir Thank you for instilling in us the love for the saga of INTEGRALS and DERIVATIVES and dear Shivati Ma’am, thanks to you to who made me learn how to play with codes and databases in computer. Not only then but every teacher from every wing, I thank you all for being an amaze role models for us.
It just feels like that it was yesterday when I was the student of this abode of wisdom but now, I have become the ex-student of this school. However, I will forever be a VIVEKIAN.
I will always cherish those beautiful memories which I created in this institution.

Sanya Mahajan

( Session 2019-20 )
House Perfect

Mr. Arjun Kumar

(Father of Ashish Sharma)

It gives me immense pleasure to inform to the authorities of Viveka Foundations Senior Secondary School that My son Cadet Ashish Sharma is doing excellent in academics as well as in physical fitness events, sports and cocurricular activities. He has won books prize till date and made a mark in Boxing in light weight category and many others.He is the only cadet in his batch who is getting Torch symbol at the end of every term.At present he has 5 star on his uniform for academic performance and and other activities “JAI Viveka Foundations , a School with a vision".I don't find words with me to express my gratitude to the Authorities and the dedicated and devoted faculty.

Iam suryansh Sood I am from a small hill station palampur. I have done my degree in journalism and mass communication in specialization in photography from Chandigarh University. and Iam doing photography from last 3 years in starting I took photography as a hobby and now I am doing it professionally and Iam currently working as a fashion and wedding photographer in palampur only. And in my free time Ido wildlife photography also

As an alumni of Viveka foundation school Iwould say no profession is big or small the only thing is you should know you goal and you should be sure about it . I would like to thank my teacher principal mam and my parents who always support me and guided me. I have risen and Ihave fallen for a number of times and I truly feel that I have finally reached base camp,that is why I am here. On a clear day I can see my goal and on the dark days I'm still climbing.Still pushing.I'm pushing myself and my subjects and my craft.

Suryansh Sood

Viveka Foundations School