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Residential Facility

Viveka Foundations School offers boarding and lodging facilities for the students. There are limited seats available for Boarders every year and admission for these seats will be offered on a merit basis. The school offers a comfortable and homely atmosphere for the boarders. The students live in well-furnished Dormitories.
It’s the only boarding school in the region that provides the best quality home away from home environment to a limited no. of students. It is only for boys and admission is open to the students from 4th to 12th std.

Parenting For Life

Routine At Viveka Foundation

Boarding House

For the Boarders, the daily routine begins with early morning chores after that they assemble for morning physical training like jogging, yoga/physical exercise morning milk, prep and bathing/change. This is followed by a refreshing and sumptuous breakfast, a short session in the language lab/library and then the school assembly which is followed by the regular classroom schedule. This consists of 6-8 periods interspersed by a recess.
They go for change, afternoon nap, supper/ milk, prep then evening games. Again studies, wash and change prayer, dinner, T.V watching. Self-study period to complete school assignments and homework. Light out would be at 9:30 or 10:00 pm.
Leisure activities, yes, but the school does not permit free time for mischief or misconduct. While the day is planned to get the students live and active campus life due heed is also paid to have ample scope for rest.

A Home Away From Home- At A Glance

Life in a hostel means a whole panorama of experiences that span from making ‘friends for life’, to gaining the confidence to face life independently. That is why we have laid a lot of emphasis in creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating, and home-like atmosphere in our separate boys’ and girls’ hostels. At VFS Palampur, the hostel is a home away from home, where the children develop the ‘confidence to be independent’, be it friendships, food, belongings, rooms, joys, sorrows, challenges or any of the uncountable experiences of growing-up together.
The caring and understanding support staff including housekeepers, matrons, ayahs, laundry and maintenance staff, wardens and of course the principal and teachers guide and pay special attention to the hostel students.


After school hours students are encouraged to participate in recreational activities. ‘Special evenings’ provide a chance to the students to showcase their talent in dramatics, dance, music and various aspects of stage management.

Letter Writting To Parents

Children are encouraged write letters to their parents regularly. In addition, children may receive calls from parents according to the calling schedule.


Once a month all children whose birthday falls in that month come together for a cake cutting ceremony along with a dance party and a special menu for the day.


The teaching staff, resident staff take a personal interest in each boarder’s progress, and encouraging them as required. Evening homework classes are conducted under the supervision of teachers who assist in completion of homework and clearing of the doubts the students.

Dining Hall

Dining is a special time as all eat together ‘Family Style’ in a large Dining Hall. Boys and Girls have separate dining halls, which can be combined at the time of celebrations and gatherings. Quality home style, hygienic, nutritious Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meals are served. All the children eat together under the supervision of the Hostel staff.

Career Counseling

The students and parents are often faced with the dilemma of the right career choice. The school organizes various tests and exposes children to the opportunities available to help them make the right subject choice. An effective career guidance program is designed for students to enable them to make effective decisions relating to their future

Personal Counseling

Life skill and value based education classes are a part of the school time table covering most of the issues concerning teenagers and challenges in a school. These sessions give a window to the students to express themselves and a trained counselor deals with them effectively. Teachers are also trained to be sensitive to the student’s needs besides carrying out their academic duties.


Life at Viveka Foundations is beyond the boundaries of caste and religion as we aim to develop acceptance and respect for people of all caste and creed. All festivals like Christmas, Dusshera, Diwali, Holi, are closely observed by all the children and staff and are celebrated with full respect and rituals making it a joyful part of their lives.