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Parents-Teachers Meeting

Viveka Foundations made headway by organizing online/ offline PTM’s. Pre–Exam, Post- Exam PTM’s is a prominent and notable feature of our school curriculum. The motive is close interaction of parents with teachers with regard to the progress shown by their wards and finding workable solutions to the problems coming in the way of development of their ward. Parents were also motivated to help their kids cope with stress.


Viveka Foundations paid special heed to the fact that the digital lifestyle has affected almost every aspect of student’s life. This underlines that now, more than ever, our children need guidance. There’s just too much distraction around them that can lead them astray. The fact that students are like sponges - they absorb everything they see or hear. And it falls on us, adults, to steer them to the right path. Keeping this in view, Viveka Foundations initiated with “Vision Talks” – session on moral talk.
Teachers as well as senior students were involved in the moral session of about 15-20 minutes to enhance and upright the moral sense among students. Knowing good moral values such as kindness, humility, courage, and compassion at an early age builds a child’s character. It forms the very core of their being and becomes a foundation of their moral beliefs.


This was an opportunity for each and every one to get closer to the music and get a way out of their stressful lives . It was an amazing experience to listen to the nightingale of Viveka Foundations. We appreciate her hardwork, dedication towards her work.
This concert streamed on youtube. The concert was appreciated and enjoyed by everyone

Inspiring Yoga

Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried everyday. In our school, children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body with Mrs. Rajnish Rana. The event was streamed live on online platform- youtube.


Teachers role is shifted to as a facilitator and it could be possible only when grass root facilities must be provided on equality platform to every region. Teachers can never be replaced only their role will be changed.

In essence, Viveka Foundations is using continuously to uplift its students. To do so Viveka Foundations let teachers uplift themselves with the help of various Webinars and courses on different platforms including DIKSHA.

Hubs of Learning

Viveka Foundations has been chosen as one of the leadschools on the basis of its performance in various fields by CBSE. On 15th July 2019, our school has organised first meeting which was attended by principals and coordinators of various schools.