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Abhivyakti (2020-21)

Art Competition

The whole point of creativity is that it has no boundaries of language, region, and even lockdown. Yes, Viveka Foundations has proved this by organizing an ' Online Open Art Competition- Abhivyakti' on 17th May '2020. The competition was open for all.
Creative art lovers with the prescribed criteria. More than 300 children participated with great zeal and enthusiasm from different parts of India. It was a new prospect to strengthen the creative aspect of children.

Monologue Competition

Viveka Foundations presents a free challenge “ ABHIVYAKTI”. The competition aimed at encouraging students to find and express their talent during the pandemic COVID-19.Monologue Competition is for students of classes I – XII.
Apart from the enthusiasm distinguished amongst the students, another fact that was observed was that the students also covered a variety of popular characters which was quite beyond belief and praiseworthy.

Science Competition

Science Department of Viveka Foundations organised- ‘CURIOSITY’, the science competition to arouse curiosity of our little scientists through the Open Online Science activity competition – “Abhivyakti” on 7th September 2020. Science challenges are great as they give children the opportunity to work with more freedom than a traditional science experiment. Open ended challenges can be great for team work and independent creative thinking.
The competition aims to enhance the ecstasy and joys associated with studying science for students of Class VI- X.

Live Quiz

Viveka Foundations took a step ahead by organiz ing a live quiz competition at digital platform on 30 January 2021, on the Martyr day of ‘Father of Nation’ called Mahatma Gandhi ji. School Social Science Club under the guidance of mentor teacher, Mr Parveen Kumar organized the event .
Aim of this quiz was to get aware about Indians who inspires others to live on this Akhand land of deities and Kindness. The Participants were divided into four teams - Vinoba Bhave , Vivekananda, Nehru and Paramhansha team. The Age group was 15-18.

Environment Day Celebration

Viveka foundations’ Environment Day Event ran live on United Nations Environment Programme as part of World Environment Day. Under the guidance of our Event Coordinator Mrs. Shikha Sharma, students enthusiastically took part initiative to save our mother Earth.

Webinar On Liberal Education

Viveka Foundations gave the opportunity to the students to think and re - think about the opportunities they can avail after completing their 12th. The webinar was very informative for the students of Class XI and XII which aimed at what students shall do after completing their first phase i.e. Senior Secondary. Liberal education is a system or course of education suitable for the cultivation of a free human being. It is based on the medieval concept of the liberal arts or more commonly now, the liberalism of the Age of Enlightenment .

ISRO Competiton

Viveka Foundations School students participated in the online competition organised by ISRO for the students studying in India, in month of July.
All the students from class 1st -12th registered and participated with in the competition as it was a step towards Digital India with the vision of motivating the student community to explore the concepts and boundless mysteries in the space science and technology. Students were awarded with merit certificates whereas rest of students will be awarded with participation certificates. This was yet another step towards digital learning of the school.

Mother's Day Activity

Mothers are special gift from God to children and indeed mother's day is a very special event for the mothers as well as children . Viveka Foundations also celebrated mother's day with full affection and enthusiasm .
There were several online competitions also held by the school on this occasion like card making , documentary making , essay writing , presentation making and poem writing . The children with their full zeal and enthusiasm took part in these events and exceptionally well showcased their love for their mothers . Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and at the end the end dome also emerged as winners of the various competitions respectively.