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The President of Viveka Foundations "a School with a Vision" Col S.S. RANA a spirited soldier retired from his active service of 37 years in the Indian Army (Artillery) with honour and pride in the year 2005. Col Rana has been on posting to fields, high altitudes, and far off places to peace areas while serving in the Regiments (field as well as medium) of the Indian Artillery. After his retirement he took over the reins of this Divine Project dreamt and nurtured by himself and his wife Mrs Kusum Rana. With Philanthropic Spirit and selfless motive he is devoting his retired life to bring up this "Vision" Project. Philanthropic spirit is in his genes inherited by his late father Shri C.R. Rana who was known for his selfless services in his region and around towards the needy downtrodden and poor. Col Rana's both sons are serving in the defense services. Elder one is at the Rank of Commander in the Indian Navy where as younger one at the Rank of Major in the Army .Both are the product of Rashtriya Indian Military College (RIMC) Dehradun; NDA khadakvasla,Pune ; Indian Naval Academy, Lonavala and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun . Both of them had come out with flying Colours from their Academies of highest repute in Asia as well as in the World and had brought laurels to their respective institutes, parents nearer and dearer ones. Presently, also both of them are doing excellently well in their respective domains. Col Rana is an ardent Golfer and a true sportsman. He takes keen interest in sports activities of the students. The Discipline and self Discipline are the key words of Viveka Foundations under his Command. He is Popular as “Col Sir” among the students, staff and parents.

The Founder and the Founder Principal

Laurels of the Laureate – Mrs. KUSUM RANA

Founder and the Founder Principal, Mrs. Kusum Rana has been in the field of education for more than three decades. She has expertise in teaching, teaching interactive skills counseling of the students, organizing workshops on good parenting, administration, and managerial activities. Her areas of professional experience include conceptualizing designing and implementing teacher-related projects and service. While in Army Schools she had designed a special Framework curriculum on how to teach English as a foreign language through interactive skills especially at the Pre & Primary & Middle classes. Based on that she used to conduct workshops for the teachers to implement and the parents to believe in that and provide a support system to the Schools. She has acquired tremendous exposure to herself by attending various conferences at National and International CBSE as well as on advanced techniques of teaching, many more related to teaching and administration. By virtue of her husbands' postings to various places in the country and her experience in various schools, she could gain versatility with the true meaning of the term.
She has been a Globe Trotter and has imbibed and implemented International Education practices in our School successfully. She has been felicitated with several educational awards by various organizations for her excellent services in the field of education. To name a few - "Award of Excellence" by Independent School Federation of India; "Avantika Rajiv Gandhi Education Excellence Award", awarded by Red Cross Society, Palampur; "Best Administrator &Teacher Award" at Distt level at Meerut an Education Hub; "Best Counselor" of parents at Ambala Cantt. Her Success in these positions is founded on her logical and critical thinking, data-driven decision-making, communication skills and above all dynamism in her leadership.
Educational instincts in her has been inherited by her father late Shri U.S. Parmar who was an influential Administrator, eminent educationist and preacher of Swami Vivekanand's Philosophy for educating the future generations.
After a long journey of her Educational Experience as a teacher, mentor, counselor she was working as Principal in K.P.S. Sr. Sec. School (Afltd. with CBSE, New Delhi) at Meerut Cantt. As she had to venture into her long-awaited Dream Project she resigned from her post from the Principal in April 2006 and Shifted to Palampur (HP).
The Vacuum between the Construction work and the opening of the Session in School did not remain silent. She installed the State of Art High-tech Language Lab in her hired house for instilling the skills of Communication in English for natives of Palampur and nearby area.
It was named as the "VIVEKA FOUNDATIONS LANGUAGE CENTER" which was the first of its kind in HIMACHAL PRADESH itself. Language learners of various groups like a few teachers male/female of Palampur region, group of some mothers and some personnel of the corporate sector got associated with her. She became popular with people as "Language Lab Mam".
By the time the first-ever session of the New School commenced she had established the fantastic program of Communication Skill Development. She, herself was conducting the classes for all. Teaching communication skills in English became an integral part of the School Curriculum for the Founder Students. In no time, the founder students become well versed with spoken English skills. As she had vast experience of conducting workshops, as a Guest Mentor, on interactive skills in English for School teachers at various places along with her teaching experience. Students benefitted to a great extent which helped them in laying the strong foundation, which has become the tradition of Viveka Foundations.